Sweetheart 5k

I am so sorry for my posting delay. Here is a quick recap of the St. Johns Sweetheart 5K that was held on February 12th 2011 in Valdosta, Ga. I had taken 1st place the weekend before in the Pine Grove Run for your life 5K so I went into this one with the hope of busting my PR of 25:54. Mission accomplished I ran this 5K in 24:19. A new PR with the added benefit of getting 2nd in my age group. The course was mostly flat with very few hills. It was COLD outside which I can’t stand but I think it helped me with my time. There is not much to say about this race it was just one of your normal area weekend 5Ks, lots of fun! The plan was to run the following two Saturday area 5Ks but I was unable due to a very sore right Calf muscle so I decided to take some time off of running and focus on cycling since I had a 28 mile bike ride on March 5th. Stay tuned I want to set a new PR on my next 5k =)


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