Training weeks 1-3

I have realized I am not the best at blogging. Finding the time to actually sit down and write about my training is hard to find. I had a run on this mornings agenda but its raining outside soooo here I am sitting at my computer looking out the window wishing the rain would stop so I could go for a run. At least I can update my blog!!

Today is the first day of my first Tri training week #4 (of 12). It makes me a bit nervous how fast theses weeks are going by. I keep reminding myself I will do fine I still have time to push harder. A fast recap of the last 3 weeks I guess is due.

Week one and two I was introduced to the art of swimming formal laps and I failed miserably. The pool just makes me feel so out of place. I know “how” to swim but I have not done formal swimming in years upon years. I have two swimming sessions planed out per training week and thus far I have left the pool feeling weak and defeated. Ugh I hate that feeling. On the bright side my blogger buddy KC sent me a copy of a blog she had done when she first began her swimming and was going through similar feelings. This helped to lift my spirits and I find myself eager to get back into the water and try the things she used to help her.
I was able to take part in the Gate River 15K during week 2. I was very happy I was allowed time off work to take part in this race. The first time I ever ran more than a 5K was in the Gate River 15K in 2010 so this was my second year in the event that sparked my desire to run for distance. In 2010 I ran the race in 1:55 and this year I got it in 1:26. So needless to say I was very excited at my progress! A new 15K PR that I can’t wait to break in 2012 =)
Week three was just not a good week at all. I missed both swimming sessions due to work related issues. I did however get to do more running, cycling, and even a brick day.  I did another bike ride during this week with my Hubby. It was one put on in Dublin, Ga for St.Pats day. A 25 mile ride, though the county. Let me tell you it was ROUGH! Nothing but up and down hills, large nasty hills. I know I needed the extra hill work but it felt like the longest 25 miles ever! It was just one of those weeks where everything was hit or miss.
Since last week was so disappointing in the amount of training I actually got to do I plan on making sure this week goes smoother. It does not help much that it is raining outside today, I have to be out of town one day, and I have court one day. Sigh I will MAKE it happen!
I will try try try to do better about updating everyone as the date gets closer and closer. I do have a “special” race I am doing this Saturday and I plan on doing a write up on it because it has a special meaning to me.. Stay tuned. Happy training!

3 thoughts on “Training weeks 1-3

  1. Thanks! I love love love my Road ID! I wish everyone would wear one. I even wear mine in gym pool. You just never know! Also being in Law Enforcement and having to respond to a call, such as bike vs. Car, its the first thing I look for.

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