Hello 2012 “The Year of Epicness”.

I set my sites on running my first 26.2 in 2011 so I did what many others do I started a blog in the hopes that it would keep me focused on the goal at hand. While I was researching which 26.2 venue would be my marathon debut I came across an Olympic distance Triathlon being hosted just miles away from where my family resides. I had been reading all about triathlons ever since I had started my blog and to be honest reading the stories of these triathlets left me in complete aw of their athleticism and physical accomplishments AKA they scared the “heck” out of me. The more I read the more I found their perseverance, determination, persistence, dedication and never give up attitude intriguing. So I figured why not try a triathlon along the way to my 26.2. So I did and as they say the rest is history. The tri awakened something in me that I was not getting from just running. A new challenge that not only tested me physically but also tested me spiritually and mentally. I knew the moment I crossed the finish line of my first tri that my path was about to be altered. I never did make it to the starting line of my first 26.2 in 2011 but I am okay with that because the new journey I took taught me so much about myself and I can honestly say I have a passion for the sport unlike any other sport I have participated in. 2011 was a good year and I am ready to start 2012 with the goal of completing my first 26.2 miles just after I finish the 2.4 mile swim and the 112 mile bike ride – crazy yeah but to be honest I like to be challenged. So goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012 “The Year of Epicness”!



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