What Ironman Training has taught me.. thus far.

As I was running this morning reality hit me. I am nine weeks away from my first full distance Ironman. This is the start of week 12 in my 21 week training cycle for Ironman Florida and I can tell you I have found this journey has had the largest impact on my life thus far, that is besides my absolutely adorable supportive husband. Generally, I am in the best physical shape of my life which is sort of a given with the amount of training that goes into a race of this caliber, but I am more affected with the new found mental and spiritual strength I have developed. It’s hard for me to put these into words right now but I know, feel, and believe 100% I am right where I need to be, doing exactly what I am meant to be doing. I think that helps keep me focused and motivated. I can’t imagine anyone being able to get through the training it takes if they didn’t have some feeling of belonging present.

Other things I have noticed since I have started this Ironman training: I now have the ability to eat copious amounts of food.  Literally I will eat anything in sight including food off Mathew’s plate since I tend to inhale mine. He does not mind (I don’t think). Don’t even get me started on the amount of pancakes and PBJ sandwiches I eat, its embarrassing.

I have an odd fascination, all of a sudden, with green Powerade. I can’t get enough of that stuff but it HAS to be green. You can give me a purple one and put green food coloring in it and I will drink it because its green, flavor does not matter.

My time management skills have gone from good too off the chain. Every moment of my day, other than when I am at work, is planned out to fit my training/family schedule. I am glad I am a morning person. How in the world non morning people train for this distance is beyond me.

You would think I wash clothing for 5 people when its only Mathew and I. Laundry is NEVER ending.

It only takes me 60 seconds of non movement to go to sleep and yes I go to bed the same time most grandparents do, don’t hate. Mathew is constantly waking me up after I pass out on the couch. I blame him for getting a comfortable couch.

Coming back from knee surgery sucks! There is no getting around it. Its going to hurt but once you learn to except your body can take more than your mind says you can, you have the ability to turn off the pain, temporarily of course.  

On a more serious note. I think the BEST part of this whole experience along the way is the people you meet. I have had the opportunity to meet and become good friends with some great people that, I doubt, I would never have met, had it not been through this sport. Triathletes have got to be some of the most giving people I have ever come across. I have not met one who would not offer you all the advise you could handle. I recently was able to go on a traincation with these three wonderful ladies: Beth, KC, and Karen.  I am of the opinion that everyone should have the opportunity to experience a traincation. I have been blessed to have met Jason (thanks to Kc) and have been honored by being able to race as a part of Team CTER because of him. This may be biased but my teammates are pretty awesome, you should go check them out.

Well Augusta 70.3 is just a few weeks away and I feel I am more than ready. Its not my A race but I will be going out there and giving it everything I have to give for myself and my team. I have a goal in my mind that needs to be taken care of because I know I can crush it if I play smart. But my main focus will remain on the major task that is only 9 weeks away….


7 thoughts on “What Ironman Training has taught me.. thus far.

  1. Green huh? What’s up with that? Maybe it’s your version of spinach? So glad you are feeling the training right now. I have to agree with you on laundry and I’m only training for the 70.3! I have more dirty towels than ever (I line them up in my car so I don’t sweat all in it.) I know you are going to do great at both Augusta and Florida. I can’t wait to cheer you all on. (I may need to come up there….)

  2. So proud of you girl!! And I feel like I am on this journey with you! I will be praying for you! When I feel like I need a push, I quote Heb.12:1-2 and Philp.3:13b-14…and I am constantly asking the Lord to “coach” me. He knows your body and when you can push and when you need to taper down. He’ll lead you to victory!! 🙂

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